The soul of Project Parivartan- children yearning for a little support and love to expand their horizons- is our driving inspiration towards major initiatives. After all, this is where it all began-with the intent to facilitate a positive wave of transformation across the underprivileged Govt schools in the state; to empower the children in need and help them see a glimpse of their own excellence!

With having covered 16 schools and transforming the lives of 4500 students, we now look forward to extending the impact on a larger level. Our initiatives include facilitating potable drinking water across these schools by installing water purification units, supply of basic infrastructure and enabling skill development by arranging training workshops to name a few.

“These little hands that fear their future begging can instead bring innovation and novelty, these feet that walk hours for basic amenities- can rather bring medals for the country, these smiles that wry in the face of poverty can uplift themselves and others with equality.”