Mission Vikarabad

78 kms from Hyderabad lies a land of opportunities- young talent waiting to be harnessed, dreams waiting to be realized. Some of us needing few of our helping hands to rise from the face of poverty and having access to basic amenities such as potable water, appropriate school infrastructure and more.

“These little hands that fear their future begging can instead bring innovation and novelty, these feet that walk hours for basic amenities- can rather bring medals for the country, these smiles that wry in the face of poverty can uplift themselves and others with equality.”

A place not remote yet lacking primary infrastructure and facilities across its schools, Vikarabad has been yearning for the Govt and NGOs to do their little bit for the upliftment of its children.
We at Parivartan are keen to change the picture- to not just volunteer and help raise the standard of schools at Vikarabad but also help them see beyond and have a glimpse of their own excellence. We aspire to do this by our planned school development activities across 56 schools in Tandur, Vikarabad over a period of four years.
Few of the activities that our team plans to undertake are:

Installation of Water Purification Systems: Almost all villages have a dearth of water supply- often a small lake or a similar water body serving as the prime source. Moreover, stone cutting being a major occupation across these villages- the water is immensely contaminated with fluoride. Fluoride is responsible for thinning of bones and tooth decay in children and is an even more toxic substance than lead-its prolonged exposure leading to damage of brain.
Our volunteers plan to install bio-water purifiers in these schools so that the children can have access to clean and potable water.

Improvement of Infrastructure: As our volunteers enter into a primary school kitchen- they see meals being prepared in extremely unhygienic conditions, uncovered roof tops leading to contamination of food being cooked with dust and other contaminants, several pigs and stray dogs roaming around in the proximity. Team Parivartan strives towards providing a better infrastructure and awareness to the school workers about health and hygiene for the wellbeing of kids.

Supply of Sports Kits:
While several of our kids have ample of sports equipment and club memberships that go wasted, few children still dream for basic sports supplies. Surya, a student of class III, approaches one of our volunteers with eyes full of excitement and says, “Bhaiya, the principal was mentioning that you guys are going to provide us sports kits. Please arrange for cricket kits as well, we love to play but don’t have any.”
There are several students at Vikarabad who have played sports such as shot put, throwball, at the national level but couldn’t win due to reasons such as lack of good shoes, improper diet and more. We believe, there lies a huge talent here and with the right support and motivation we can hearten them to win at the national and international level.

Creating Leaders at Vikarabad with YLTP:
Merely fund raising and providing amenities to the schools at Vikarabad, will make them very dependent on NGOs and the Govt. As part of a bigger goal, we wish to make the villages of Vikarabad and hence their schools self-dependent. To achieve this, we plan for empowering few individuals from each village to become leaders with Art of Living’s YLTP Programs (Youth Leadership and Training Program) to help volunteer for the development of these villages.


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