Women at Work

“Community development begins at home and it’s important to address
the caretaker, the one who nurtures and educates, who is now soaring
beyond boundaries and being a crucial source of income-the Women.”

We at Parivartan aspire to empower rural women by providing alternate livelihood skills and foster
sustainable economic development. Our team reaches out to several women self-help groups within the state, and train them in manufacturing sustainable and environment-friendly products- ranging from jute bags, diyas and candles, diaries and desk accessories, hand crafted show pieces and more. These products are then sold with no administrative or operational margins in flea markets and stores.
The profits generated are used holistically for community-welfare initiatives targeted under Parivartan’s next plan of action. These include helping the underprivileged children across Govt schools of the state, furnishing crucial livelihood assets to rural women such as sewing machines, milch cattle and more, and conducting skill based training workshops for women and youth.